Long Beach Comic Expo

Happy Monday Black Jacks! We had a blast at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend as we made new fans and got a chance to interact with our current fans.  Thank you so much to all that stopped by the booth to say hello, we hope you enjoyed the con as much as we did.

More comics coming to you in the next few months such as Sunscreen #2, Corvid and Sparrow #1, Phantom Hawk #5 and much much more. Double Down!

More exciting comics from the Collective of Creativity, Black Jack Comics

Good evening Black Jacks! This month is zooming by here at Black Jack Comics and we couldn’t be more excited.  Penciler and Inker, Clint Scott, is just about done with our newest title Corvid & Sparrow while David Jaxon is putting the finishing pencils on Sunscreen #2. So early into 2015 and we can feel that its going to be an exciting year for Black Jack Comics.  Below are some samples of both titles.

Corvid-and-Sparrow     page-14


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